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Lyric Lessons

grammy and meGlad to have you visit.

Now that you have a better understanding from the self help books , you can solve your biggest struggle , which if you are like me, is overcoming the fear of you .

The transformation of your thoughts to lyrics  can be very cathartic.  You can be  comfortable being vulnerable enough to put your thoughts, ideas , on a blank page to be a number one hit ! Right, you better understand getting you on the page.

If not, go back to the self -help books for help or send me an email and I would be glad to discuss anything that you are concerned with at this time.


I have read  some DYI books and provided editorial reviews on  DIY concepts and self help books  to encourage you to be the person, you have been keeping from coming true.

I believe as a songwriter or anyone for that matter , the you will create  marvelous, unbelievable, creative  things.

You are destine  for incredible rewards  if you can just believe in yourself.

In the case of the lyricist, it will be original, amazing , creative songs  that will spread the message of   you. You are marvelous, unbelievable and original, but do you believe it? Can you harness it ? The it, believing you are incredicble, unbelievable and original. The DYI books should help.

This section is to help you  understand  the craft of lyric writing after  you understand better yourself and the message you would like to give through your words and music.

I believe that you can and it is one of the steps needed, after you believe that you an write incredible and original songs . I have presented some free lessons to get you started.

So, let’s start:

Free lesson one for ” Thinking Out Loud”

Any question,  or ideas, please sign the guest book