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1.DIY Editorial Review: Your Invisible Power Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Expressions From Beginners


Visualization is an Aladdin’s lamp to those that discover the power of visualization

Relates many stories of people having a desire that  visualized an outcome which seems impossible yet appears and comes true.

In an issue of Good housekeeping there is an article by Addington Bruce entitled ” Stiffening Your Mental Backbone” . the take home message ” Form the habit of devoting a few moments of everyday to thinking about your work in large , broad, imaginative ways as a vital necessity to yourself and a useful service to society.

The method of picturing to yourself what you desire is both simple and enjoyable, once you understand it. Over and above everything else , be sure of it is what you really want. If it is what you really want, you then visualize with very specific details and as often as you can to make it come true.  Remember  ,be careful of what you want, it might come true.

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