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Memorial Day Lyrics

In honor of Memorial day and all the women and men that have served, I wrote a lyric to give my respect for the fallen , It is called ” Final Monday in May, ” you can check out .

If you search for Memorial Day lyrics, you will find Kevin Richard’s opinion on the top 10 Memorial Day lyrics. I like ” One Tin Solider” as a possible song, hear the lyrics.

“Supernova”by Ray LaMontage

I caught the performance of Ray LaMontagne singing ” Supernova” on the Ellen DeGeneres show. The song got me initially because of the lyrics usage of the  word  Supernova,   and how the comparison was incorporated into the song. It kept me long enough to keep me until the hook, really enjoyed the performance. You can see  the Ellen DeGeneres version, click LaMontage , and click for the lyrics.

It is available among other places i-tunes.