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    Terry’s Lyrical Community
me at keyboard red shirt smaller  You have a problem having your song stand out above the noise.Your point of view is unique but no one wants to buy /pay for your music ( concerts)  because it needs to be also commercial. This requires an unbiased opinion which lyricsoftheday can provide to help you get noticed .
Check out ” Your Invisible Power” to gain clarity on your vision.       The DIY Blog has solutions for lyric problems.
Try the free lesson “Thinking Out Loud “ Ed Sheeran, to get you back to writing.                                                                                                           Free individual attention  just send me your favorite song, we can look at it together through the T.I.P.S. analysis.
Send  your song to my email to Terrylyricsoftheday@gmail.com  or  if you like fill out the  guest book,
Has anyone ever tried to change you ?  ” Painting By Numbers ” ? Being a lyricist embrace your individuality ……..