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Family Rhyme explained by Pat Pattison

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Why rhyme ?

There are songs that do not have rhyme . But,
the rhyme is thought as a way to make the song easier to remember for the listener or audience.
The rhyme should have reason as the saying goes. It should seem to flow or be as natural as possible.

One way is instead of being limited by perfect rhymes is to use rhyming families.

Perfect rhymes are words that have the following characteristics:
(1) syllable vowel sounds are the same,
(2) consonant sounds after the vowels are the same if there are any, and
(3) the sounds before the vowels are different.

What Are Rhyme Families? These are imperfect rhymes. I think Pat Pattison describes it all much better than I would so click on the link and have a listen.

Listen to this video by Pat Pattison of Berklee

Afterwards , let me know what you think ……