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H.I. G.E.T. S. M.A .R.T.


honesty, integrity


You need to get smart for many reasons. These are my reasons .

* genuine, educate ,truth, self-respect, morals accountability, reliability and trustworthy.

The business of lyrics is however more than writing, it is about learning the music trade.

It is also about your health spiritually,  body and soul.  You need character to get ahead  in your writing ,  in business and life in general.

I believe  treating people with honesty  and integrity leads to genuine communication , collaborations and learning . Educate is necessary to understand the  field of writing in the area of lyrics but also again life in general.

However, you must be a person that can respect others and hold yourself accountable by representing the truth. You need to have self-respect to handle the countless rejections and changes people might want to have you do . You need to know and understand that your hair, your weight , your age and other subjective characterizations are not about lyric or song writing. You need to maintain your standard of morals and keep yourself accountable.

You need to keep your word to be reliable and trustworthy. The music business is hard enough if you do not have these characteristics. I pledge to be these  characteristics to help you in everyway that I can possible regarding writing lyrics.

If you are ready , sign the guest page I really look forward to hearing from you soon.

Terry Beardslee