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1.DIY editorial review: YOUR INVISBLE POWER Chapter 10

Chapter 10 : How I became a personal Pupil of T. Troward the great mental scientist.

Basically, she was persistent in her goal to become a pupil .

  1. First , she asked a friend to write letters but no response. She was about to give up when she had an illuminating experience and remembered the promise

2.” All things whatsoever thou wilt believe thou hast received , and thou shall receive. ”

3.She decided to arrange a voyage without receiving response from the letters. She declined to be discouraged because the memory of her experience of the day when she saw this light and the words came to her:

4.” I Am all the Substance there is .” She seemed to be able to live that experience over at will and with it there came a flood of courage and renewed energy. We journeyed on to London.

  1. She contacted T.Troward by telegram, allowing a visit. with difficulty found his home

6.She had very little speculation as to what T. Troward would say. Yet, she concentrated on that the truth was hers. She would grow and expand in her consciousness until peace and content were outward as well as inward, manifestations of her individual life.

  1. She found his house .He did not look as expected ad conversed over tea. They talked about everything. Finally, se inquired if willing to take a pupil. He sated not at this time and referred her to his work of books.
  2. He suggested writing when she was in Paris. She did. After two months of writing, he gave a challenge regarding a verse in the 21st chapter of Revelations :
  3. And the city lieth foursquare and the length is a s long as the breath ; and the measure of the city with the reed twelve thousand furlongs . The length and the breath and the height of it are equal.

she had no idea n=but someone who did.

  1. She found someone told her , means the city signifies truth and the truth is non-invertible; every side which you approach it exactly the same . Intuitively and undoubtedly , she recognized the answer as the true one.
  2. T. Troward invited her to come explaining as an informal teaching not a class atmosphere. The bible and study of Christ is the answer. She accepted the proposal.


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