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1.DIY editorial review: YOUR INVISBLE POWER Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Why I took up the study of Mental Science

She has been frequently asked why mental sciences, and as to the results of her search, not only in the knowledge of principles , but also in the application of the knowledge of the principles for the development of her life.

Such inquires are justifiable , because one who essays the role of a messenger of psychological truths can only be convincing as he or she has them tested in the laboratory of personal mental experience. This is particularly true in her case , as the only pupil of Judge Troward https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Troward ), the great master of mental science, whose teachings is based upon the relation borne by the Individual Mind toward the Universal Creative Mind, which is the giver of life and the manner in which that relationship may be invoked to secure expansion and fuller expression in the individual life.

Her initial impulse toward the science of Mental Science was an overwhelming sense of loneliness. In every life there must come some such experience of spiritual isolation as pervaded her life in that period. Notwithstanding the fact that each day found her with friends , surrounded by happiness, yet there was a persistent feeling that she was alone in the world. She had been a widow about three years , wandering alone in the world from country to country , seeking peace of mind .

the circumstances and surroundings of her life were such that her friends looked upon her as an unusually fortunate woman. Although recognized had a great loss they knew he had provided for me in case of his death. Free to go and do at my pleasure dictated.

She was lonely, they would have found if able to penetrate her in most emotions. She studies Christian Science but gave her no solace. She was unable to accept the fundamental teachings of Christian Science and make practical application for it.  she was introduced to th great seer and Teacher Abdul Baha . He explained that she would search the world for truth, find it , and speak about it. This great seer seem to state the impossible , but it was encouragement, and indicated previous seeking been in the wrong direction.

Attempted to find contentment in knowing I would seek out and find truth.

A few days later visiting a new Thought practitioner , her attention was attracted to a book called Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Sciences  by Thomas Troward. He was a retired judge from Punjab, India .  She purchased the book thinking to read it later in the evening. She loved it but it needed to be studied to be understood. She decided to do exactly that and studied the book. It was too difficult so on reference purchased ” The Dore’ Lectures” being told easier to understand.

However, it also required to be studied. There was a passage that got her attention on pp 26-27:

My mind is the center of Divine operation. The Divine operation is always for expansion and fuller expression, and this means the production beyond what has gone before, something entirely new, not included in the past experience, though proceeding out of it in an orderly sequence of growth. Therefore, since the Divine, cannot change its inherent nature , it must operate in the same manner with me; consequently in my own special world , of which I am the center , it will move forward to produce new conditions, always in advance of any that have gone before. It took an effort on her part to memorize this paragraph , but in the attempt , the words seem to carry a stimulus . Each repetition of the paragraph it became easier to enter into the spirit of it. The words expressed exactly what she had been seeking.

Her one desire for peace of mind. and degree of contentment. It inspired to feel the life-spark in her that could bring into life something entirely new.

She does not wish to obliterate past experiences but that is exactly what Troward said wouldn’t happen .

The Divine mind would not exclude the past but from the past grow new and expand.

Meditation on these statements brought a certain joyous feeling. What a wonderful thing it would be if she could accept and sincerely believe . beyond doubt , that this one statement of Troward’s was truly correct. Surely, the Devine could not change its inherent nature and since Devine life is operating in her , she must be Divinely inhabit  and the divine in her must operate just as it operates in the Universal plane. This meant her whole world of circumstances, friends and conditions would ultimately become a world of contentment and joy of which she : is the center”

This would all happen just as soon as she was able to control her mind and therefore provide a concrete center around which the Divine energies could play.

What did she have to lose? If Troward had find the truth, why not ger? The idea held her to the task. Later, she determined to study with the man who had realized and given the world so great a statement. It had lifted her from her state of despondency. The immediate difficulty was the need for increase finances. This is address in the next chapter .


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