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1. DIY Editorial Review: YOUR INVISIBLE POWER Chapter 7

Chapter 7: In Using Your Thought Power for the Production of New Conditions

1. Be sure to know exactly what conditions you wish to produce. Weigh carefully what further results the accomplishment of your desire will lead you in the end.

2. By letting your thoughts dwell on a mental picture , you are concentrating the Creative Action of Spirit in this center , where all its forces are equally balanced.

3. Visualization brings your objective mind into a state of equilibrium, which allows you to consciously direct the flow of Spirit to a definitely recognized purpose , and to carefully guard your thoughts from including a flow in the opposite direction.

4. Bear in mind that you are dealing with a wonderful potential energy , which is not yet differentiated into any particular form, and that by the action of the mind , you can differentiate it into any specific form that you will. Your picture assists you to keep your mind fixed on the fact that the inflow of this Creative energy is taking place.  Also, by your mental picture , you are determining the direction you wish the sensitive Creative Power to take , and by doing this , you make the externalization of your picture a certain.

5. Remember when you are visualizing  properly there is no strenuous effort to hold your thought form in place. Strenuous effort defeats your purpose and suggests the conscious of an adverse force to be fought against , and this creates the conditions adverse to your desired picture.

6. By holding your picture in a cheerful frame of mind, you shut out all thoughts that would disperse or dissipate the spiritual nucleus of your picture because the law of  the Creative in its action , your pictured desire is certain of accomplishment.

7. The seventh and great thing to remember is visualization  is that you are making a mental  picture for the purpose of determining the quality you are giving to the previously undifferentiated substance and energy , rather than to arrange the specific circumstances for its manifestation. That is the work of the Creative Power itself. It will build its own forms of expression quite naturally, if you allow it and save  you a great deal of anxiety .

What you really want is expansion in a certain direction , whether it is wealth, health , or what it is , as long as you get it. , you surely will, if confident and hold the picture.

What does it matter by some channel which you count upon , or through some other of whose existence had no idea of your energy.

Keep in mind and let specific details take care of themselves, and never mention what you are doing to anyone.

Remember always that the ” Nature from her clearly is visible surface to her most arcane depths , is one vast storehouse of light and good entirely devoted to your individual use. ”

Your consciousness Oneness with the greater Whole is the secrete of success and when once you possess the whole or a part of it , at will, because by tour recognition , you have made it, and can increasingly make it yours.

Never forget that every physical thing whether for you or against you , was sustained thought before it was a thing.

Thought, as thought is neither good nor bad , it is Creative Action and always takes physical form. Therefore, the thoughts you dwell upon become the things you possess or do not possess.

Story: I man came to her wanting to marry a certain woman. He felt he could not afford to as his salary was too small and work uncertain. She spoke the word ever-present Certain Unlimited Supply and explained that LOVE, knows no failure. It is yours to enjoy. See yourself in the kind of home you both want. Do your part , keep on loving the girl, and believe absolutely in that which lives and loves in you. A few months later they both came into her study looking happy and radiant. She knew they were married. The wife said to her, Dear Ms. Behrend, we are very happy because we now hold our consciousness as one , with all we want.”

So be yourself and enjoy Life in your own Divine way. Do not fear to be your true self, for everything you want, wants you.



You must be certain as to what you desire and the outcome achieving the desire. The mental picture is of the outcome not the way to make the outcome appear into reality.  You must recognize only the outcome not the opposite of the outcome s it will not come to be reality with adverse forces at play. You can’t use strenuous efforts to have the mental picture as force will not create the energy to flow in your direction.

“Never forget that every physical thing whether for you or against you , was sustained thought before it was a thing. “.  “Do not fear to be your true self, for everything you want, wants you.

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