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1a. John Myer Lesson 2008 Video 1 take away message


I believe that John is saying that

  1. Own Journey:  You are your own person. You do not need to look at him or anyone else to discover your path. Each person is on their own journey.  He went only two semesters to Berklee but your journey may be longer or lead somewhere else.
  2. Listen: He states you should listen to your own heart and follow it . It is where your passion will be to drive you when things get difficult. Listen also to those around you and learn .
  3. Information: John called it information it can be formal  like a college or informal from life or a combination .
  4. Creativity: This is taking the education and learning , the information and applying it.  You understand what is important to you . For John , the goal changed from  being great at an instrument to writing songs. It is alright to have a change of heart if the goal is not inspiring you. You must constantly listen to the information received and process it and then have the courage to follow it. It took courage to leave Berklee . John did not know he would become the John Mayer he dreamed when he left but his learning inspired him to go out and try .
  5. If you are here, it is because you desire to be part of the music , the lyric part. It excites you and drives you, you love to write, and to you t is all good, good in the sense, it feels good.  You are in the right place .
  6. listen to the video again for inspiration to start your journey : The John Mayer Video 1 2008
  7. When you come back look at how to visualize the journey you wish to claim , your invisible power.