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1.DIY Editorial Review : YOUR INVISIBLE POWER Chapter 4

Chapter 4 : Operation of your mental picture

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1.” Ask and you will receive” said Jesus . This is the explanation that everything animate or inanimate is called into existence. There is nothing unusual or mysterious in the idea of your pictured desire coming into material existence. It is the working of a universal law. The origination of things is the mind. Ex the hat  and pants all existed or had their beginnings in the mind of man. All are projected thoughts that are solidified.

  1. Your personal use of this visualization will determine your evolution of becoming more or less than you can become. You only can become what you believe even if you have the capabilities for more. You have the potential for anything you visualize and believe.
  2. The mental picture is the force of attraction which evolves as it is created by the mind. It will proceed stage by stage, each stage being a necessary preparation for the one to follow.
  3. In making a mental picture of your desire as being a all practical, you must have some idea of your being. The ” I am” and just as soon as your are conscious of your ” Iam-ness” you begin to wish for the freedom which this conscious suggest. As you grow in the understanding , as to who you are, where you came from, what the purpose of your being is, and how you are to fulfill the purpose for which you re intended., you become more perfect center with your creative spirit of life and happy.
  4. Why is there unhappiness? No one desires to be ill. The first reason it occurs is that few people take the trouble to inquire into the working principles of the Law of Life. If they did, they would so convince themselves there is no reason for sickness and poverty . They would realize visualization is a principle and not a fallacy. There are a few that find it worth the study , through unfailing law, which delivers them from bondage. However, the race as a whole is not willing to give the time required for the study.
  5. If you insist upon mentally seeing yourself surrounded by things and conditions as you wish them to be , you will understand that the Creative Energy sends its substance in the direction indicated by the TENDENCY of your thoughts. This is key to acknowledge that your THOUGHTS are in the form of a mental picture.
  6. The more enthusiasm and faith that you are able to put into your picture , the more quickly it will come into visible form, and you enthusiasm is increased by keeping your desire a SECRET.

The moment that you speak it to any living soul, that moment the power is weakened. Your power, magnet of attraction is not that strong and consequently doesn’t reach far.

  1. The more perfect a secrete between your mind and your outer self is guarded , the more vitality you give your power of attraction.
  2. One tells ones troubles to weaken them, to get them off your mind, and when a thought is given out, its power is dissipated. Talk it over with yourself, write it down if you like, but then destroy the paper. This does not mean that you should strenuously endeavor to compel the Power to work your pictures along the special lines that you think it should. as this will exhaust you and hinder the fulfillment of your purpose.

10.Your results for visualization fulfillment your desires may be imperfect, through the misuse , by changing your mind and returning to the original desire, contingent on persons , place or things. The law is that the Original Creative Principle of Live is ” the universal here and everlasting now” The past experience has no bearing upon the present picture . Do not try to achieve a picture that is not natural for you. Your feelings should be that the thing or the consciousness , which you desire is normal and natural, a part of yourself, a form of evolution. If you ca n do this , there is no power to prevent your enjoying the fulfillment of the picture you have in mind, or any other that you create.

Summary: The call into existence is limited only by the imagination of our minds. The materialization requires full commitment to the picture which seems to includes keeping it a secret to prevent it weakening.

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