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1.DIY Editorial Review: YOUR INVISIBLE POWER Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Relationship between mental and physical form

1. We all have more power and greater possibilities than we realize . The ability to visualize is one of these greatest powers.

Key: We each have abilities that are unknown or untapped .
It is with the dreaming( visualization) that these dreams( talents) become realized as possibilities.
It is with the belief in gaining the knowledge of the dream that it becomes more concrete( reality or existing)
Only in working out your mental picture , it has transferred creative energy from the Universe to the particular (your vision) and is working in the creativity that exist in your mind to make it concrete in the world which you live.

You hear a line on a TV show, or conversation between people, it forms an image in your mind, that you desire to write about. It becomes with guidance of your thoughts from what you know about lyrics into an idea which you transpose into a lyric. Try it .

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