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Rock Opera: “Purgatory Falls”

Purgatory Falls
story by: Damon Alexander
adaption by Terry Beardslee and Damon Alexander
Lyrics by Terry Beardslee and Damon Alexander
Music composition by Damon Alexander and Terry Beardslee

There are three acts with each act having three scenes( songs)

There is now also a website with more lyrics and music for this rock opera, Purgatory falls.

Purgatory Falls Synopsis:

Armageddon came without warning. It was over equally as fast. A few lost souls were saved and they created Purgatory. In their subterranean world only the most faithful make up The Order. The Order’s rules are strict, their punishments harsh. The most heinous crime is to go against the will of The Order; the punishment, banishment to the hell above. Nikola and Renata love each other and love their daughter Agata even more.  But while Renata has always taught her daughter to belief fully in the faith and respect The Order above all else, Nikola wanted her to be strong willed, to think for herself.

When Agata goes against the will of The Order at her coming-of-age, The Father, Cyril has no choice but to banish her to Hell, even though she is his own grand-daughter. Now Nikola must decide between his wife and the world he knows, or his daughter and risking his life for the possibility that everything he’s known is a lie.
Will he have the courage to stand his ground when he knows society is wrong?

Purgatory Falls is a three act, post-apocalyptic rock opera. Runtime about 90 minutes. Please check out the website for lyrics, some rough recordings of our writing process, and a bit about the writers. We’ll post periodically with updates and info for anyone interested in getting involved.