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Chapter 1 : Visualize:

1. Visualization is the  great secret of success.

2. Everyone visualizes whether you realize it or not . If you realize, the visualization  it then is conscious. If you do not realize it,  it is then on the  subconscious level.

3.. The concept that you are what you believe . If you surround yourself with positive message and images positive things will occur and likewise  the negative will be attracted if fill your mind with negative thoughts.

4. The possibilities exists, you must discover them .

Example given airplanes. The possibility to fly existed prior to airplanes, it just needed to be discovered. The  fact no one was flying in airplane before it was invented does not change that it always was the possibility.  The possibility needed to be discovered .

5. The working out of an idea to its logical conclusion in spite of accumulated contrary evidence of all past experiences. This means that there are still secrets to be discovered. there is a cure for AIDS, the fact it does not exist now, does not determine it will not exist sometime in the future.

6. In visualization or making a mental picture , you are not trying to change the Law of Nature . You are fulfilling them . (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_law) .

7.. Once aware  that,  your visualization will bring  material accomplishment;  your confidence will build in the ability  of attraction .

Key: You can attract to you that of your desires by picturing them occurring. You need to make a conscious effort to make your desires known to your subconscious mind . the fact that it seems impossible does not mean it can’t happen. It just hasn’t happen because the exploration to  create it must be discovered. The possibility always exist even if it has not happened.

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