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Free Lesson three for “Thinking Out Loud ” lyrics evaluation

You have so far worked on the TI of TIPS.

T stands for title ( free Lesson One of “Thinking Out Loud”)
I stands for imagery (free Lesson Two of “Thinking Out Loud”)

What is P?

What is S? Hint this is used in imagery?

Answer to Free Lesson Two of Thinking Out loud:

The specific terms at this point would not be as important as understanding the terms and using them in lyrics.
Defined: It is the comparison of two things that are not alike without ” like or ” as ”
Ex: “All the world’s a stage” : ” the apple of my eye”, “Time is money”, “Paint the Town Red”
If any list one from the lyrics

Define It simile compares two items directly with the words ” Like” and “as” It is usually two unlike things that are compared.
Hint Simile contains an “I” as in “Like and “s” as in ” as” metaphor does not have an “I” or an ” s”
EX: sleeping like a log, hard as a rock ,
If any list in lyrics:

Define:The common language of the sentence is not the plain meaning of the sentence
EX: The police grilled the arrested suspect. This means the police questioned intensly not that the guy was over a fire being grilled like a hotdog.
Describe if any in lyrics:

Anthropomorphism :
Definition: .It is a literary device used to give traditionally human feelings or actions to an animal, plant, or inanimate object.
Ex: Peter Cotton tail the rabbit, Charlotte’s web, Charlotte the spider,
Describe if in lyrics:

Definition: It is a literary device which is often more subtle than anthropomorphism and associates a few human traits to an entity and does not encompass all human traits.
Ex: Samantha of Bewitch twitched her nose like a rabbit. Do you find another literal device in this example?
Describe if in lyrics:

Show not Tell:
Define: This is the term used to describe something through the six senses ( sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and motion)
Ex: Instead of : The car went fast around the corner. The tires of the car squealed as it went around the corner. This is using the sense of hearing . It is more engaging in a lyric, it draws your listener into the song.
Describe if in lyrics:

Define: Something that stands or represents something else than what it is commonly known
EX: The ” S” in the Scarlet Letter , waving of the US Flag at a parade
Describe if in lyrics:

List other techniques:

We can do your favorite song with the TIPS method just

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