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Let’s Write and Re-write Until You Like Your Lyrics !

    Terry’s Lyrical Community
me at keyboard red shirt smaller You want to write lyrics. Sometimes its a great just needs little elbow grease,  polished . I can help,  just send me your  lyric that you want to ” fix”, and why you think it needs to be tweaked . We will go through exercises like  below and the lyrics are yours 100%. It’s free up to three exchanges of emails ( I don’t keep strict count)  to Terry lyricsoftheday{at] gmail.com  I look forward to hearing from you !
Read the ” Your Invisible Power” to gain clarity on your vision.       The DIY Blog has solutions for lyric problems.
Try the free lesson “Thinking Out Loud “ Ed Sheeran, to get you back to writing.                                                                                                           Free individual attention  just send me your favorite lyric and let’s make it into a song ! Look forward to hearing from you soon.
Has anyone ever tried to change you ?  ” Painting By Numbers ” ? Being a lyricist embrace your individuality ……..