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Manifest Your Lyrics !

    A Lyrical Community
Welcome ( video below )  !

Your want clarity of direction, goals, and  projects, access to your creative mind without the left, logical  brain interfering.  I am a lyricist that has found ways to get rid of the cluttered mind.  clarity to write , not to be distracted and confused. We have specific ways to get rid of the confusion and distraction .You can write easily whenever the mood hits you, inspiration is now  all the time .

You want to write emotional, impactful, creative  lyrics.  Clarity is an e-mail away,   just send me an email and we can ” talk ” about it .  Free limited individual attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Send questions to : Terrylyricsoftheday[at] gmail.com

Meanwhile , look around get to know me get on the email list and be the first to get all the help from  lyricsoftheday.com